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Are the Expressive Arts Therapies / Psychodrama for Me?

I believe when we come to the end of graduate studies and move into practice, we are just at the beginning of who we will become as a clinician.  That person is dependent on time passing, experience, the willingness to be adequate (easier said than done!) and an openness to follow your own particular path.  We are led wherever that leads - I believe - by forces inside and outside of ourselves.  So, listen to that quiet and sometimes boisterous voice that points you in a direction and see where it takes you. 

Each day we practice (such a great word for what we do!) we become more who we are meant to be - it is as if we are discovering parts of ourselves in our work and in concert with our clients, that have paradoxically always been there in some rough format.  

My path led me to the expressive therapies, drug and alcohol counseling certification, hypnotherapy and most passionately - toward psychodrama and the expressive arts.  Along the way, take advantage of anything an agency brings to you.  I benefitted from training as part of working for an agency, as do many of the interns I have supervised toward their licensure.  Solution-focused, cognitive behavior, sex addiction, HIV/AIDS, whatever you can get, do it.  You will take what is useful to you and incorporate that in to your particular therapeutic style; the rest you can leave behind, or perhaps find useful later.

So this is a long way of getting to what I can do to assist you.  Many of us continue the therapeutic alliance for ourselves as we make our way toward licensure and beyond.  The best form of this introspective process for me was joining a training group in psychodrama that I remained in for almost 20 years.  For me, this was a way for me to do my personal work while learning techniques that supplement what I do.  

Psychodrama, as does all the Expressive Arts therapies, facilitates a head and heart connection, something I was even suspicious of early on.  I had spent a few years in "talk" therapy, and although this was useful in understanding my issues on a cognitive level, it wasn't until the (scary I admit) journey into the expressive arts therapies that I seemed to get things on a visceral level and, as a result, implement change by instilling an action demand on my psyche.

I lead and co-lead training groups for graduate students and professionals in Psychodrama, infused with all of the Expressive Arts in both California and Florida.  If you are so inclined, Psychodrama and Expressive Arts training have the ancillary benefit of being able to do personal work within a training format.  But I recognize that's not for everyone.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are already proficient at what you do and certainly an expert in who you are thus far.  All of us will continue to evolve and change with the awareness that we are never quite complete. If this philosophy speaks to who you are or who you are becoming, join me in exploring that place through Expressive Arts Training.